Albany Mall’s a ‘Cool Place’ to be

New family gaming store to brings family fun to the mall

Family Owned Gaming Store in Albany Mall

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A new “cool place” will soon call the Albany Mall home.

Halim Slaton, the owner and founder of The Cool Place, said he is excited to open his new store and for what all his store has to offer.

New store coming to Albany Mall. (Source: WALB)
New store coming to Albany Mall. (Source: WALB)

“For the first time in Albany, we have a virtual reality top notch state of the art, best of the best you can get as far as virtual reality goes," Slaton said. "I am excited to start offering that service.”

Slaton said his store will be a place where people can come inside and play games — from board games to electronic games.

“I am taking many ideas and cramming them into one convenient place. One family friendly, one place where couples come, families can come, everybody,” said Slaton.

Slaton said he will also have a top-to-bottom wall designated for movie nights and gaming.

“It is going to be 300 plus inches," Slaton said. "It is probably the biggest in-house experience you can get other than going to the movie theater.”

The future gaming store owner said his store will be open Monday through Sunday.

“We open with the Albany Mall and we are going to be closing at 11 every single night," Slaton said. “We have a back door where we have special entry after the mall closes so we are able to still accommodate those who may get off work late or just want to come in as a late night owl.”

The Cool Place will open Feb. 1.

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