Leftover debris raises safety concern for Albany homeowner

Leftover debris brings safety concern for homeowner

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to pickup debris after Hurricane Michael has ended, but one woman said the Corps left a large tree in front of her home blocking her view and creating a safety concern.

Not only is the large oak tree blocking her view, but the damage Hurricane Michael did to the lighting on her street is causing a problem as well.

Bretta Moore, the homeowner, said she wants the city to remove the large tree that is creating a safety concern for her and her neighbors.

“A guy came out Friday and cut part of the tree off to the bottom but still left this big root there and you still can’t see anything around it and that’s my main point. It’s just a safety problem,” Moore said.

Bretta Moore, Albany homeowner. (Source: WALB)
Bretta Moore, Albany homeowner. (Source: WALB)

Moore also pointed out the lighting in her area has been nonexistent since the storm.

“It’s dark when I leave in the morning and a lot of times it’s dark when I come home at night and I can’t see anything that’s going on in my surrounding areas. Anyone can be hiding anywhere, and that’s my issue,” Moore added.

Moore said she’s been in touch with the city about the problem, and was put on a list to be served.

WALB reached out to City Commissioner BJ Fletcher, who represents the district Moore lives in, and said that’s all she can do at this point.

“I know it’s dark, I know it’s scary, I know this lady cannot see out her door, she has a right to be scared but just be patient,” Fletcher said. “If you look at this thing, this thing is massive and we don’t even have the equipment to move this thing. Corps of Engineers, it looks like something they should’ve moved.”

Fletcher also said the city has around 50,000 feet of underground light damage throughout the city that is being worked on.

“We’ve got lines underneath the ground that’s been damaged and we are taking the opportunity of what’s happened and we are not patching it, we are doing it right,” the commissioner added.

BJ Fletcher, Albany city commissioner. (Source: WALB)
BJ Fletcher, Albany city commissioner. (Source: WALB)

Moore said she knows there are areas worse than her’s, but said she just wants to feel safe.

“It’s not a good feeling, not one to complain but it’s not a good feeling, and I hope something can be done about it,” Moore said.

Fletcher said wants to remind people that Hurricane Michael’s damage was widespread, so it will be awhile before they can get to everyone.

The city commissioner said she wants people to keep calling 311 to assist with their problems, and to get their names on the list to be served.

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