DOCO paramedics save man from Cromartie Beach Landing

DOCO paramedics save man from Cromartie Beach Landing

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County EMS workers say a man in his early 80s was found Saturday morning after another man on a boat saw the vehicle and called dispatch.

Paramedics say the man was confused when they found him and possibly minutes away from losing his life.

“Having a favorable outcome in a situation like this is very few and far between,” said Jason Warren, DOCO paramedic.

One Dougherty County Paramedic shares his thoughts after a man is pulled from a vehicle that was submerged underwater.

“Water was steadily coming into the vehicle that he was in,” said Jeremy Varnadoe, DOCO paramedic. “He had a small pocket of air that he was, had his face up to the ceiling breathing from his nose to his mouth best he could.”

The victim was found alive with no injuries at Cromartie Beach Landing around 7 a.m.

He was said to be suffering from hypothermia, and he was barely hanging on.

“I was able to take the screwdriver of the flat head and pry it up in the corner and put some pressure on it and it popped, popped right away,” said Warren.

EMS says a man on a boat spotted the truck & called dispatch and that man used his boat to take paramedics to where the truck was. EMS credits his swift act of bravery and kindness to the man’s timely rescue.

“For the gentleman to come out & be able to be alive and transported to the hospital, you just don’t see that,” said Warren.

We spoke with EMS Director Sam Allen, and he stated that “every minute that someone is underwater, their chances of survival goes down.”

Paramedics did not release the man’s identity and they don’t know how long he was underwater or how he ended up there.

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