4-year-old accidentally struck by car in Americus

Americus child hit by car

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - After a 4-year-old Americus child was struck by a car, police say they believe the driver accidentally hit him. Now they are warning drivers to use extra caution, to protect children.

Friends and neighbors of that 4-year-old boy are concerned about him.

“It was sad because it was just like, he was so little,” said Alashia Sims, neighbor.

Police say the child was hit Thursday on Masonic Street around 2:30 p.m.

It happened a block away from where the child lived. When police got there they say the victim didn’t have visible injuries.

Shortly afterwards, police say the driver got out of the car to make sure the victim was okay, but didn’t put the vehicle in park. That’s when police say the car went backwards, rolling over her leg as she tried to cover the child.

The car ended up crashed into a utility pole.

“And he used to come outside , he used to play, and he used to come over here with me and stuff,” Avyonna Haugabook, neighbor.

Officers say if you find yourself in a similar situation, there are things you can do to help.

“Be sure everything is safe, render first aid, dial 911, do not panic, stay calm,” said Sgt. John L. Brown, Americus Police Dept.

Officers are warning drivers to check behind your vehicle before you put it in reverse.

“Sometimes when that happens you don’t realize that it happened until it’s almost too late, you don’t realize what has happened,” said Brown. “Especially small kids they don’t make a lot of noise when you hit them.”

Police say the driver told police that her leg hurt but she didn’t need treatment. Police say they won’t file charges because they believe it was an accident.

“I just hope that he OK because I understand, like in his mother’s place, I understand how she feels,” said Sims.

The police report shows that the victim was taken to Phoebe Sumter. According to Phoebe Sumter, the boy was not admitted that when the police report says the child was then airlifted to another hospital.

According to the police report, the boy’s mother told police she let him outside to play but didn’t know he had wandered that far from the house.

Americus police say when you’re backing out of your driveway there are safety precautions that you can take. If you’re a parent, they say you can put your kids in the car to be on the safe side.

They say blind spots can be misleading so make sure you get out of the car to see that no one is behind your vehicle.

Officers warn drivers to not just rely on the outside mirrors because blind spots can be misleading.

“When you’re backing out take your right arm, place it on the seat across from you on the back seat of where you’re sitting and be sure you can see out of your back window,” said Brown.

Police advise to make sure you know where your children are before you get out of the driveway.

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