Update: Dawson city manager indicted

Update: Dawson city manager indicted
Dawson City Manager Barney Parnacott was arrested on Friday.

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - The City of Dawson’s top manager was indicted in Terrell County superior court on Friday.

Barney Parnacott was indicted on aggravated sodomy, theft by taking and false statements and writings charges.


The Dawson City Council voted to terminate Parnacott late Thursday afternoon.

The council voted unanimously to remove Parnacott from office because he is currently in the Terrell County Jail and cannot carry out his job duties.

In a unanimous decision, the Dawson city council members voted to terminate City Manager Barney Parnacott.

Posted by Marilyn Parker WALB on Thursday, January 17, 2019

The special called meeting didn’t last long.

Dawson city attorney Tommy Coleman broke down the legal steps for starting this process, which include a preliminary resolution that states the reasons the council wants to terminate Parnacott.

“He’s lost the confidence of the council and the citizens of the community and they don’t feel he can properly carryout the functions of city managers anymore,” said Coleman.

Coleman also said because Parnacott is incarcerated, he can't be the city manager because he can't come to work.

Parnacott has the option of requesting a hearing.

That request would be sent back to the council where they would have to vote again on terminating him.

“Their job is to make sure that the city operates. And their job is not necessarily to make any judgments on the criminal charges but to put systems in place, in the case the city manager, so they can move forward,” said Coleman.

Coleman said this process should be completed in 30 days but it could be longer if Parnacott requests a hearing.

He said he will inform Parncott’s lawyers on the council’s decision Friday.

Coleman said Friday the indictment will not speed up the process of terminating Parnacott.

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