Archbold Memorial Hospital receives new CT scanner

Archbold New MRI Scanner

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Officials with Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville said they’re replacing decades-old equipment with the latest technology.

Now, a new CT scanner at the hospital will reduce the time it takes to get a scan from minutes to seconds.

Radiology Director Becky Jense said the machine will also produce higher quality imaging, allowing physicians to quickly diagnose your symptoms.

Radiology Director Becky Jense (Source: WALB)
Radiology Director Becky Jense (Source: WALB)

“Head CT’s can be performed in a matter of about 15 seconds and the images are transferred directly to the radiologist. So, you’re reporting time’s within about 30 minutes," said Jense.

Jense said that with this new machine, more patients are now eligible for CT scanning. This is because the weight limit has increased to 675 pounds.

And for the younger patients, there’s a TV screen attached to the machine to help keep them still during the scan.

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