2019 War at the Border features some of the best talent around Thomasville

Over 60 athletes from the surrounding Thomasville area are getting ready to defend their state

Thomasville playing host to major all-star game

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville has now become the host for the 2019 Battle of the Border All-star game.

Over 60 of some of the best athletes are getting the chance to show that Georgia is truely the better state, as they face off against Florida.

As Thomasville gets ready to welcome fans from across South Georgia and North Florida, these players are focused on representing the state.

“It’s just another great time to come out and play football. Love the game," said Lee County Punter Reagan Harrell. "If I pick up another offer her, it’s amazing. To just be able to rep South Georgia is, it’s the best place in the country to play football and it’s great to represent it.”

With the promise of college scouts getting ready to flood the sidelines with hopes of offering some of these young stars to continue their careers, many players are just excited to play. Even if it could be their last.

“I just want to go out with a win," said Colquitt County Wide Receiver Janaz Graves. "Everybody want to go out with a win. If this is my last game, I just want to end it all happy. Nobody don’t like to lose.”

As big of a game as this is shaping up to be, the biggest thing many Thomasville residents will be proud to see, is those two schools who share Jackson St, playing side-by-side.

“It’s cool to come together as teammates for this one game and kind of culminate and understand what each other goes through getting ready for games and stuff," said Thomas County Central Center Andrew Peeples. "It’s really exciting. We’re really preparing hard for what we’re getting ready to do Friday night.”

“I mean it feels good," said Thomasville Wide Receiver Jarquavion Hall. "We all the same. We all from Thomasville. Feels good to play with everybody.”

Because when the dust settles here in Thomasville, South Georgia hopes to represent the state, by proving they are the best.

“We just hope to win and prove ourselves and have a fun time doing it," said Deerfield-Windsor Quarterback Jack Kimbrel. "Also, just become good friends with the people we are playing with.”

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