Valdosta police anticipate increase in domestic disturbance calls

Valdosta Police Crime Spike Prediction

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One police department said that it expects to see an increase in a very specific kind of report during this time of year.

Valdosta police officers said that normally they an increase in the amount of domestic disturbance calls. They said that domestic disputes typically include some form of a disagreement or argument, violent or otherwise, between two people in the same household.

“January tends to be a depressing month. People’s seasonal jobs run out, credit card bills come in from the holidays and people tend to be under a lot of stress because of that. So, we generally always see domestic disturbances go up, you know, married couples, just people having financial difficulties, that sort of thing," explained Bembry.

Bembry encourages people to call police if you see two people having a bad dispute. He said that they may be able to soothe the situation before things get violent if they have not already.

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