Dougherty Co. School System: Students should use social accounts wisely

DCHS Terrorist Threats

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County School System officials said they understand that we live in a digital world, but they want to make sure students know they have to use their social media accounts wisely.

LaKisha Bruce, community relations director, said sometimes students do not think before they post.

Bruce said she wants students to know that the school district does have technology resources in place to monitor any threats on social media and online.

“They feel like posting something on social media is fleeting and that they can post it and it is just going to go away," Bruce said. “No, it is very serious if you get on social media and you make a threat or you take a picture with a weapon and make a threat or even jokingly do something. If that information gets out there are still charges that you can be faced with.”

The school system also wants to make sure students know the importance and consequences of making a terroristic threat.

DCHS Threat Prevention

Students often get caught up in the moment, Bruce pointed out, do not realize what the outcome of their actions could be.

Bruce said if a student is struggling with something, that there are resources in place for them to get help.

“We want them to understand that one that is not the way to handle any type of conflict that they may be dealing with. We have teachers and counselors that can help them navigate that process," Bruce said.

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