City of Bainbridge continuing to revitalize downtown area

7 new businesses opened up or relocated in Bainbridge in 2018 and more is expected for 2019

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Bainbridge Downtown

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - As the City of Bainbridge continues its efforts towards revitalizing its downtown district, the city is getting ready to welcome even more.

The revitalization process for downtown Bainbridge has seemingly gone off without a hitch, officials said, as the city continues its efforts in making its downtown district the central hub, by showing all that Bainbridge has to offer.

The city has continued to show signs of its new flourishing downtown district, as they continue to welcome new businesses to the area.

“They’ve brought a new energy back downtown, which you can see,” Crystal Hines, Bainbridge communications director, said. "With all the buildings being sold. We had a banner year in 2018, with the number of properties being sold. It’s right at about $1.5 million worth of investments gone back into downtown.”

With seven new businesses starting in Bainbridge this past year, officials said, the city is starting to feel the love from its members and community as they continue to expand their downtown district.

“We want to live here for life," said the Thomas family, who own The American. "We have a baby now and so we really committed to this community, and we just thought, what a great opportunity.”

Just on the other side of The American sits Diablo’s Mexican Grill, which opened in October. The restaurant is already helping bring revenue and jobs to the city.

“The main focus is to bring the downtown Bainbridge back," said J.T. Thomas, Diablo’s general manager. "So, we just hope everything works out in our business and help other businesses as well.”

With two more businesses getting ready to open in the near future, Bainbridge is beginning to welcome more foot traffic to the city.

And with these efforts, the city and its residents are beginning to show that Bainbridge is the place to be.

In an effort to draw attention to Bainbridge, city officials said they are taking it upon themselves to get the word out there.

Megan Wimberley, special events coordinator, said they wanted to find a way to get the word out there, which is what the city is doing, and this is what the city has to offer.

They are using videos and shots of some of the local business and restaurants, showing what is around Bainbridge.

City officials said they hope to get these videos on local ads so they can draw even more people to the city.

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