Airport projects moving forward despite government shutdown

Airport projects moving forward despite government shutdown

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Projects at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport are still in full swing while the government remains shut down.

We are told that normal operations are still functioning well and that they are excited to be starting on projects they've been planning for a while now.

One of those projects include the passenger boarding bridge that has been bid out and a preconstruction meeting will be held next week for it.

Also, they have 90 percent of the design that will repave the pavement on the side of the airport between the hangers.

“We are getting funding from the FAA , and the state on the runway project, and we are getting funding from the FAA on the passenger boarding bridge,” said Hunter Hines, the Superintendent of Operations at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

Hines said there was also a fuel tax update given at Monday night’s aviation meeting.

As far as operations with involving federal funds, he said they haven’t received any set backs as of yet.

“There shouldn’t be any set backs or anything that will really hinder anything that we are doing. We haven’t really been seeing any affects of that here,”he said.

They plan to meet with the construction crews of those projects next week to begin scheduling.

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