What is ‘Beyond the Story’

What is ‘Beyond the Story’
"Beyond the Story" is a initiative launched by WALB's digital team to provide full, uncut interviews to the bigger stories and thought-provoking stories we cover.

(WALB) - Time is everything in broadcast news.

WALB’s reporters have to fit the most important information in their stories in a short amount of time.

But what about the footage and sound that doesn’t make it to your television or phone screen?

“Beyond the Story” is an initiative launched by WALB’s digital team to give our viewers more of the bigger and thought-provoking stories we cover.

We’ll post the full, uncut interviews WALB’s reporters are out getting every day.

Fascinated by a story we’ve aired but want more?

With “Beyond the Story,” we are offering our viewers an in-depth look at how that story came together. You’ll get to see how and what kind of questions we ask in our interviews.

Our goal with this initiative is to be transparent and show you what happens when the camera is rolling. We want our viewers to get a behind-the-scenes look of what went into a story before it hit the airwaves.

“Beyond the Story” can be found online here, on the WALB News 10 mobile app and on Roku.

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