Sylvester NAACP calls for Worth Co. superintendent’s resignation

NAACP calls for superintendent resignation

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - “Unethical and biased behavior” is the allegation from the Sylvester-Worth NAACP against Worth County School Superintendent Bill Settle.

The group, in a letter Monday, called for Settle’s resignation.

Sylvester-Worth NAACP President Benjamin Whidby said that according to teachers and staff, the superintendent makes everyone uncomfortable, and that it is time for a change.

Words like bias, unethical, and intimidating were all used when the Sylvester-Worth NAACP called for the resignation of Worth County School Superintendent Bill Settle.

“We’ve been getting reports that he is not a friendly superintendent. That he walks through the halls and doesn’t speak to anyone. He makes the teachers and staff feel very uncomfortable,” said Sylvester-Worth NAACP Chapter President Benjamin Whidby.

Benjamin Whidby. (Source: WALB)
Benjamin Whidby. (Source: WALB)

Settle has been superintendent in Worth County for nearly a year and a half.

Whidby said these allegations aren’t new to this area.

“Pretty much all year long, we’ve been getting complaints on how he has this intimidating attitude and the teachers are fed up with him,” he said.

Whidby stated in the letter that there was also a problem with a parent that fueled the call for the resignation.

He said he will give the superintendent 30 days to make a decision before taking further action.

“If we can’t move forward in him stepping down we will report this to SACS, the school accreditation association,” said Whidby.

Whidby is calling on other members of the school board to support this call. He said he is doing this with the Worth County schools in mind.

“It’s just time for someone else because we hired someone to keep the integrity to of our school district and he is not fitting the description,” he said.

Tommy Coleman, the lawyer for Worth County Schools, said Settle will release a written statement Tuesday morning.

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