2012 SPLOST dollars used for road safety in Thomas County

Thomasville 2012 Finished TSPLOST Projects

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomas County officials say most of the 2012 SPLOST money has finally been put to good use.

County leaders said the residents safety is a top priority to them.

Thomas County has repaved 131 miles for driving safety.

County leaders said those projects, which totaled to 51 roads, took nearly four years to complete.

They say it costs over $100,000 for every mile that is repaved.

Not only is repaving uneven and damaged roads important, but so is widening certain roads.

Thomas County Public Works Director, Tony Bodiford, said there are several roads that are outdated, and no longer meet the safety requirements for today’s driver.


Thomas County Public Works Director Tony Bodiford (Source: WALB)
Thomas County Public Works Director Tony Bodiford (Source: WALB)

“We were having some dangerous situations where people were running off the roads. It was just getting really dangerous on several roads so, we decided to widen them out to meet today’s standard of vehicles,” said Bodiford.

Bodiford said they were able to widen nearly 14 miles of roads.

He said they’re almost finished with 2012′s SPLOST projects.

Bodiford told WALB the last items on the list are to restructure a few old bridges.

After those are complete, they will start to compile new projects to work on using 2017′s SPLOST dollars.

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