Valdosta High considers schedule change

Valdosta High considers schedule change

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Valdosta City Schools recently built a new $85 million school that might have come with a few problems.

A Board of Education member said that they are considering changing the students’ schedule.

Students would go from having seven, 50-minute classes in one day to having four, hour and half classes for a whole semester.

One of the reason for the change is that the school is too big.

The Valdosta Board of Education has been discussing this possibility for almost a month now.

“You do find yourself having a hard time to get one from one end, like the gymnasium, all the way to the third floor on the lit hallway. It’s a hassle and I almost don’t make it sometimes," said Nadia Yankovskyy, a sophomore at Valdosta High School.

During a board meeting, the principal said that tardiness has become a huge issue in the new, larger building.

Two Valdosta High students have different views on the possible schedule change.

“It’s a very long day. Also, with block schedule, right now we have very long transitions which make our day go to 3:25, which is longer than any school in the area. That’s just another reason for block, just to make us have a shorter school day," said sophomore Sean Manning.

Nadia said the classes might be longer, but students might actually retain less.

“Because the day is longer, and the class periods do take up more time, it would be harder to stay more focused, so I think you might actually lose some information sometimes," said Yankovskyy.

Yankovskyy is also concerned because she said she would fit less classes in than everyone else because of the way her college credit courses are set up.

Manning however is for the schedule because he thinks it would prepare him for college.

“I’m actually in favor of block schedule because I think it’s more like a college schedule and it’ll prepare me more for college. I think that’s the goal of high school, to prepare people for college and a block schedule is more apt to do that," said Manning.

Both students made a suggestion for faculty and administration should this change become a reality.

“I feel like many teachers would be able to split up the class maybe, maybe just have like a little break in the middle, just to let you kind of socialize and get back into the class," said Manning.

The administration maintains that students will have the exact same amount of class time and it is planning to continue discussing the topic moving forward.

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