Phoebe professional addresses flu concerns for children

FLU Concerns with Kids

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There is no doubt that it is flu season but some people do not realize how easy their child could catch the virus.

WALB News 10 spoke with Dr. Steven Kitchen who is the Chief Medical Officer at Phoebe and he says that children who get the flu are more likely to become severely ill then an adult.

Dr. Kitchen says that the flu can spread very easily through schools all over.

Students also share surfaces where germs can pass from person to person easily.

Dr. Kitchen says that is why the hospital is stressing the importance of making sure anyone under the age of 18 does not come to the hospital for visiting hours.

“So we are asking children under the age of 18 not to visit unless they have a new sibling hat has just been born or certainly there can be end of life issues that can emerge and we certainly want to be sensitive to those," says Kitchen.

Dr. Kitchen says that these temporary rules are to make sure that the spread of germs are kept to a minimum.

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