Lessons learned after home burglarized

Learned lessons after home burglarized

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany woman is pleading for all the burglaries to stop. This comes after finding her home burglarized ten days ago.

WALB spoke with the woman, who is begging for the crime to end in the city.

“It was like a nightmare. Literally a nightmare coming into your house and finding this. A very scary moment,” said Andy Mejia, Albany resident.

On December 31, Andy Mejia, who lives in Albany, was expecting to walk into her home after a ten day vacation, to find it the way she left it.

“I opened the door, the first thing my son sees is a mess on the floor, and he said, ‘Mom the TV was not there,’” said Mejia.

Every room was ransacked and the back door wide opened. That’s when she discovered every electronic device, her children’s Christmas presents, all gone.

“They had gone through every cabinet. The play room, they took my kids' Playstation, Nintendo, Wii control, all my jewelry.”

Although she’s replaced some of her TV’s and kids' items, her family is still outraged!

“My daughter is traumatized. She’ll get up in the middle of the night and make sure the doors are locked. It’s a nightmare,” said Mejia.

Andy Mejia, albany resident who's home was burglarized (Source: WALB)
Andy Mejia, albany resident who's home was burglarized (Source: WALB)

She believes the thieves had been watching her home for a while since her street is dark and an alleyway right behind her home.

There’s also one thing she admitted she did wrong before she went on vacation.

“I did post that I was away on my page, pictures of me away,” said

Mejia also said she has a camera system, but was in a hurry and forgot to turn it on.

“I was in such a rush that day. I don’t want to say it was meant to be but maybe God was trying to tell me something to be more aware,” said Mejia.

Now she’s using this as a lesson and hopes everyone will remember to have cameras, home insurance, and don’t post your whereabouts.

“If we don’t protect ourselves, there’s only so much the police can do afterwards,” said Mejia.

She's also reminding folks if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, it's important for you to report it to police.

Mejia is offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone in the community who could help find the person behind this.

Call Albany Police if you have any information.

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