Kemp: First responders made me ‘Proud to be a Georgian’ after storm

Kemp: First responders made me ‘Proud to be a Georgian’ after storm
Brian Kemp.

BLAKELY, GA (WALB) - Governor Elect Brian Kemp said the way first responders responded during Hurricane Michael made him “proud to be a Georgian.”

During his stop in Blakely Thursday afternoon, Kemp laid out his agenda when he becomes Georgia’s 83rd Governor.

In his speech the governor elect showed lots of compassion towards first responders for their work during the storms.

He told the crowd that he will do everything he can to see South Georgia get back on its feet after this widespread storm.

“I have never been prouder to be a Georgian than when I saw our folks here on the ground working and you were the ones doing that.”

The widespread devastation happened during his campaign.

He said he is actively working with Washington D.C. to make sure recovery efforts continue under his administration.

“The interaction that we are having with getting federal funding to pay for all of this and the federal match is something that I’ll have to be dealing with. There is a lot more that needs to be done in Washington that’s outside of that type funding that’s nontraditional.”

He assured responders that their work would not go unseen from not only the storm but from what they do on a daily.

In his plan, he said he wants to fight back against violent crimes throughout the state.

“We’ve got to go after drug cartels and street gangs that are in our state that are wreaking havoc on our young people and killing folks all over the state and it doesn’t matter what part of the state they are in," said Kemp.

Post Commander Jeromy Roberts said he appreciated his remarks.

“He has their back. You hear it all the time that Georgia is just Atlanta. Well this governor is going to look at all of Georgia, especially southwest Georgia.”

“I will be a governor that will continue to fight with you, I will be a governor that is going to continue to raise awareness to how severe the problem is and also let people know that we should thank you all for what you do.”

Towards the end of his speech Kemp broke down his plans after inauguration, which include increasing teacher pay and school safety, reforming the government, making Georgia number one for small business, and strengthening rural Georgia.

Kemp will be inaugurated Monday.

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