Crime concerns discussed with Albany law enforcement heads

Crime concerns discussed with Albany law enforcement heads

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dozens of people, concerned by crime on their streets, expressed their feelings about the future of their community with law enforcement.

Thursday night it was a nearly full room for the Albany Criminal Justice Forum.

Dougherty County’s Sheriff, Albany and Dougherty County Police Department Chiefs, District Attorney Greg Edwards, and Juvenile Justice Chief Judge Herbie Solomon answered questions and concerns.

Many people said young people committing crimes is a big worry. Many people said they think more activities for kids would help cut the crime problem.

“The quality of life issues are issues that make a community vibrant,” said Judge Solomon. “And if we have a poor quality of life, that’s gonna cause some of these issues that we have.”

Judge Solomon said he was appalled to learn that many of the youth sports leagues in Albany have stopped play. He says many parents in Albany can not afford activities like sports for their children.

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