What crimes the Albany Police Dept. is already seeing in 2019

Albany 2019 Crimes

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Just two weeks into the new year and Albany police said there are several crimes and bad habits rolling over from last year.

Now, they’re echoing, “Let’s start the year off right,” just nine days into 2019.

Albany Police Chief Michael Persley said several crimes have rolled over, but it’s entering autos and motor vehicle thefts they’ve seen a lot of, and it’s something people can easily prevent.

“I think it’s sad. Everyone works hard for their items and what they have and it’s just sad,” said Jennifer Baptista, an Albany resident.

After hearing the city is still seeing crimes like entering autos, car thefts, burglaries and domestic violence, Jennifer and her son, Tanner Baptista, said it’s disturbing.

“That’s not something I wouldn’t like to hear. I wouldn’t like to keep my vehicle unoccupied,” said Tanner.

According to the Albany Police Department, as of Jan. 7, there were 10 reported entering autos and nine were from unlocked cars and one locked car.

“One of the things that we have seen that has carried over to the new year are motor vehicle thefts. We are receiving reports where people are leaving their vehicles running, they may go inside the house,” said Chief Persley.

Persley said people are still leaving valuable items on display and car doors unlocked, allowing people to steal their cars.

“In my vehicle, I don’t leave my purse, make-up bag, cellphone, anything with any value,” said Jennifer.

Although it may sound repetitive, Persley said all of these crimes can be prevented.

“We’re once again telling people to lock your car doors, don’t leave things inside your vehicle that may appear to be valuable,” said Persley.

Jennifer said she follows these rules, but when she was asked if she ever left her car unattended, she said she has been guilty.

“I would go out there and start my vehicle on a cold morning and not lock it, just leave it running and go back in the house,” said Jennifer.

“We understand about people doing that, but if you do that, still lock your car or have an extra set of keys with you,” said Persley.

WALB asked Jennifer if she learned her lesson from our interview and she said she did.

“Yes, I’ve never really thought about it until speaking with you just now,” said Jennifer.

All in all, APD said the first safety measure must start with you.

“Now you’ve got me thinking, so I’m not going to do that anymore,” Jennifer said.

APD said these crimes are happening all over town, so it’s important for people to stay vigilant at all times.

Chief Persley said that if you happen to see anyone in your neighborhood or apartment complex tugging on car or house door, it’s important to report those immediately.

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