Thomasville restaurant working to eliminate plastic waste

Minimizing overall waste

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A restaurant in Thomasville is going to great lengths to minimize their overall waste.

Before using glass jars like this, plastic cups filled this station.

Now, the owners of Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards + Tasting Room in Thomasville are looking for other ways to minimize their overall waste.

Growing up on the coast, owner Renee Moss said she’s always been mindful of plastic waste.

“Whatever you put out there is coming back,” said Moss.

Moss said the restaurant doesn’t use plastic straws, bags, or cups.

“It’s easier to just refuse the plastic in the first place, than it is to bring it in and have to figure out how to recycle it,” said Moss.

Moss told WALB they re-purpose most of their glass wear once they’re emptied.

She said they try to be creative when doing this, such as turning their wine bottles into candle holders.

“We serve blackberry patch jams on our cheese and charcuterie plates, and we decided to just go ahead and recycle all those jars and use them as cups,” said Moss.

Not only does eliminating those products benefit the environment, it's actually cost effective.

“It’s an added expense, it’s trash we have to handle, it’s one more thing we have to order, and it’s bad for the environment,” said Moss.

Moss said she hopes to use the platform of her business to impact the way other people view plastic waste.

“If I’ve impacted 10 people, then I’ve done my part,” said Moss.

She said it’s like a ripple effect, if you can change the mindset of one person then maybe they will do the same to another person.

Moss told WALB they’ve sold 5,000 cocktails in the three years they’ve been in business, and since they don’t use straws, they’ve prevented 5,000 straws from potentially entering our oceans.

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