Shooting leaves one man dead in Valdosta

Shooting leaves one man dead

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Valdosta Police Department (VPD) is investigating a shooting on the north side of Valdosta that left a man dead.

Detectives are treating this case as a homicide investigation at this point.

We spoke to a woman who lives in the neighborhood who said she is considering moving for her family’s sake.

“Me and my daughter had literally came in the house from getting her a four for four from Wendy’s. Like literally—we literally just came in the house probably about 15 minutes ago and I was on the phone with my momma and we heard that. Had we been a little late, my daughter could’ve been involved in that kind of stuff. You know what I am saying?" said Raviean Patterson.

Tuesday night, officers responded near the corner of Meadow Run Cir and Murray Rd, after getting several reports of gunshots in the area.

Patterson says her friend alerted her to the sound of the shots.

“My friend was in the living room and said she heard about four shots. Unfortunately, you’re so used to shots that you hear them and you subconsciously just go on about your business and everything like that," said Patterson.

Patterson says that she didn’t think much of it but when police arrived, they say they found Christian Thomas, 20, lying dead on the ground.

“That’s how it happened. It was quiet. We don’t have a lot of problems out here. We really don’t so when it popped off—and I’m going to say popped off because people know what that means—when it popped off, everybody was shook," said Patterson.

Police are treating this as an isolated incident, but Patterson said she is ready to move.

She thinks the crime may be migrating to her area.

“The northside is actually kind of the quiet side so police don’t patrol as they do on the east side, the west side, or the south side and stuff like that. So when people make transactions or whatever they are doing, they’ll do it over here because it’s peaceful. Don’t nobody bother them," said Patterson.

We spoke to many neighbors who agree that the neighborhood is typically quiet.

Patterson said she wouldn’t mind more police patrolling the area now.

“If you’re not doing anything you’re not supposed to do then you have no problems with VPD—if you are not doing anything you’re not supposed to do. That’s just how I feel about it," said Patterson.

There is no word on any suspects at this point.

Patterson said she is expects law enforcement to be in the neighborhood figuring things out.

“This baby—I feel like he was a baby. I don’t even know. I just feel like he was a baby. This baby died across the street from a daycare. They’re not going to play with that," said Patterson.

In the meantime, the Valdosta Police officers are continuing their investigation.

If you know anything about what happened, call Valdosta Police.

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