Land Bank working to revamp eye sores in Albany

Land Bank working to revamp eye sores in Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you’ve seen any blighted homes or properties around town, you aren’t alone.

The Land Bank in Albany is working to repair the dilapidated buildings, ridding the city of eye sores.

These are delinquent properties, meaning they have been abandoned and no one is paying taxes on them.

The Land Bank acquires them, then sells them at a very low cost in hopes the buyers will come in and repair the property, or build something new and better in it’s place.

“Nobody is taking care of them anymore, so we want to get them in the hands of people who will take care of them and maintain them and will contribute to the neighborhood. You know that’s what it’s really all about is trying to remove those eye sores from neighborhoods and improve the whole community,” said Land Bank Director, Paul Forgey.

This was the first year the Land Bank has been in existence in Albany-Dougherty County.

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