Insurance Q&A: Hurricane Michael Aftermath

Insurance Q&A: Hurricane Michael Aftermath

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People are still cleaning up in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, and there is still much to do. Check out this list of questions and answers from Clint Ivy of Fleming and Riles Insurance.

What should people do that are still having trouble moving their Hurricane Michael claim forward?

If you haven’t heard back from your insurance adjuster, contact your local agent and let them get involved with the insurance company on your behalf. If the problem is getting a contractor or roofer, unfortunately we are all in the same boat - and trying to have as much patience as we can with getting one. There is just more work than available contractors right now.

What about people who have received a claim estimate and are confused or feel they did not receive adequate payment from the insurance company?

You should definitely contact your local agent and have them review it with you. Most of the time insurance companies first issue a check for a depreciated amount. Then they will send the replacement portion of the check when the work is completed. But that is not always clear in their paperwork. Receiving an estimate does not mean that is the final amount you will be paid. Your agent can help if additional payment is needed for damage and repairs that were missed.

Some people were concerned about their house flooding during the hard rains we had in December 2018. Is that covered under their homeowner insurance?

I know this was experienced during the 94 flood, but I want to stress that flood insurance, which covers rising waters of any kind, is not covered under your homeowner policy. It is a separate insurance policy you have to purchase. If your house or property came close to being flooded during the hard rains we had, you might want to get a flood insurance quote. Your house could flood even if you are not in a designated flood zone and the bank does not require you to have it. The good news is if you are not in a flood zone, a flood policy is much cheaper. Call your local agent and get a quote.

What should people do regarding their insurance since it is the start of a new year?

I would just like to remind people to contact their agent to make sure they properly insure any items such as jewelry, golf carts, ATVs, or any other toys or personal items they might have received over the Christmas Holidays. As always, please contact your local insurance agent for advice when in doubt!

You can trust your local independent agent

Working with an independent agent gives you the ability to receive quotes from multiple insurance companies. This can help save you money and offers multiple coverage options to choose from. Other agents can only sell insurance from the one company they represent. An independent agent matches your insurance needs with the company that is the best fit for you. Get an independent agent to do a policy review to look for any gaps in coverage to avoid the unexpected and keep your costs down.

The independent agents at Fleming & Riles Insurance have over a century of service and commitment to Albany, Georgia, and the Southeast, and thrive on building long-term relationships with their clients. They offer diverse, in-depth knowledge in all areas of insurance, and can help you understand exactly what your policy covers.

Their offices are located at 636 Pointe North Blvd in Albany, GA. Call them today at 229-436-2408 or 800-833-4379.

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