Dougherty Co. coroner starts opioid awareness trainings for New Year

Dougherty Co. Coroner starts Opioid Awareness trainings for New Year

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - In response to several opioid deaths and cases in Dougherty County last year, Coroner Michael Fowler and other leaders held an opioid education awareness event Wednesday at Albany State University’s West Campus.

Albany Kiwanis Club received the prevention training.

Dougherty County EMS, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, and the county’s District Attorney office shared knowledge on how severe the issue is.

Coroner Fowler said they wanted to first target seniors, who many times are prescribed medications that many get hooked on, or into children’s hands.

“We’re trying to reach that crowd to inform them where we’re seeing the problem with. Like I said we didn’t have no kids death last year from opioids, but we definitely want to reach the ones 25 on up. So we’re reaching to the Kiwanis Club starting out this year just sounding the alarm,” said Fowler.

Coroner Fowler also adds this is the first of many opioid outreach events for the year.

Right now, he plans to host outreach events at least once every month including their big enactment event in the spring for students.

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