Colquitt Co. residents fed up with temporary fixes to dirt roads

Colquitt Co. Road Infrastructure

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - Temporary fixes to dirt roads throughout one South Georgia community has several residents and business owners fed up.

Business owner Elton Ohearn said he does not want something bad to happen to someone before county leaders finally decide to fix a problem that’s been an issue for nearly a decade.

“That would really upset me, because I’ve tried, and I’ve done my part and it don’t seem like nothing getting done,” said Ohearn.

Picture driving from Moultrie to Atlanta and back. That’s the estimated mileage of unpaved roads throughout Colquitt County.

But home and business owners on Cox Dairy Road said their road is in dire need of a change.

They say they are done with temporary fixes.

“At least a hard surface of some kind, whether it be rock and tar or just pave it, some hard surface where my semis can come in and out,” exclaimed Ohearn.

Ohearn owns the Georgia-Florida Seamless Gutter Warehouse, on the same property as his home.

He said when storms hit, it is virtually impossible to do business.

So, Ohearn started a petition in 2010.

He got his neighbors to sign it, and he submitted it to commissioners, yet he said nothing concrete has been done.

“I don’t feel good about it, you know you kind of depend on them to get the job done as you request, not as they see fit,” stated Ohearn.

County Administrator Chas Cannon said it is not that simple.

“Anytime you get 13 inch rain, it’s going to take awhile to get the dirt roads back in shape, but the cost factor is also the most important thing,” said Cannon.

Paving one mile’s worth of road would cost the county $420,000.

To resurface existing paved roads, $120,000.

“I want be upfront with folks, the resources just aren’t there,” explained Cannon.

But Ohearn asked, when will there ever be..

“I feel like they just put us on the back burner,” said Ohearn.

“If there is a dirt road existing right now in the county, and it doesn’t qualify for state funding to help us, the county pay for it, it’s got a high likelihood of not getting paved in the near future,” explained Cannon.

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