City approves $72k road construction project surrounding Georgia Pacific lumber plant

Road construction surrounding lumber plant

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A construction company will complete a $72,000 road construction project outside of the Albany-Dougherty Industrial Park.

It was announced back in July that the park will be the home of the new $150 million Georgia Pacific Lumber Plant.

It's expected to bring around 150 full-time and an overall 300 jobs to Albany.

But it comes with a little growing pains.

With all of the expected truck traffic the plant will bring, the turn lanes surrounding the park will need to be widened.

HTS Construction was the chosen company to do the job.

“They are prepared and ready to go to work within the next two weeks to extend these roads, extend the turn lanes, to get this done in a timely fashion,” said Economic Development Commission President, Justin Strickland.

The Albany-Dougherty Payroll-Development approved hiring the company for around $72,000 with a 10 percent guarantee.

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