Agricultural based Brazilian company expands to Moultrie

Brazilian business expands to Moultrie

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - An agricultural based Brazilian company is expanding to Colquitt County.

This expansion will provide 80 jobs and a $1,000,000 investment for Colquitt County.

County leaders told WALB Forquímica was already familiar with the area prior to its expansion.

The company has participated in the annual Sunbelt Ag-Expo for a couple of years now.

Greg Icard, the interim president of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Development Authority, said after becoming familiar with the company, he knew Moultrie would be a great market for them.

“The project came to us in late September, and the company was looking in different counties in southwest Georgia," said Icard.

He said the company has been working with farmers in the state for four years. Icard said this company provides different goods to help farmers grow their business.

“The product they make allows some of the sprays that farmers use to stick to the product or stick to the plant better," said Icard.

Chairman Jim Matney said Colquitt County is the number one agriculture industry in the state.

Matney said Forquímica will help strengthen and diversify the agriculture business.

“This is the start of additional manufacturing jobs in our community," said Matney.

Matney said Forquímica is now located just down the road from the Sunbelt Ag-Expo headquarters.

Now that the building has been purchased, they're ready for the renovations to get started.

“Once that’s done, they’ll move forward with some of the initial hiring and begin to do production here in the U.S. versus Brazil," said Icard.

Icard said the location and size of this building presents great opportunities for the company to continue expanding in the future.

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