10th Florida vs Georgia War at the Border all-star game bringing scouts to South Georgia

63 South Georgia football players featured in this years all-star game

10th Florida vs Georgia War at the Border all-star game bringing scouts to South Georgia
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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The 10th Georgia - Florida War at the Border All-star game is getting set to take place this Friday.

This game gives both South Georgia’s and north Florida’s players the opportunity to prove themselves one last time and hopefully snag a couple more offers.

63 South Georgia players are getting ready to play some of the best that north Florida has to offer, in the 10th Georgia-Florida war on the border all-star game.

For many of these kids, It’s another opportunity to buckle up the chin strap.

“It’s a blessing," said Clinch County offensive lineman C.J. Gwynn. "You know, after the state championship this year I thought it was all over, get one more shot to show what I can do and prove myself man. It’s awesome.”

“It feels great to play again," said Tift County quarterback Patrick Felton. "To put on pads. I ain’t had them in a while. So, I’m a little rusty at the time, it feels good.”

Some of these players have played against each other for years.

Now, they get the opportunity to play together for one common goal.

“I’m looking forward to just playing with these guys man," said Tift County running back Michael Jones. "They some good guys man, I’ve known them for a long time. Been playing them since like seventh grade. So it’s kind of fun. It actually is fun to be out here with these guys.”

These coaches have been on the opposite sideline for many years… now they hope to bring some of their knowledge to these players.

“Since they in the game, they’ve been coaches for a long time,"said Brooks County wide receiver Jacoby Brown. "So, pretty much, they know what they talking about, so I just listen to them. Get information with them and just do it.”

“Some of these guys are going on to play college football," said Valdosta head football coach Alan Rodemaker. "Some of them will get opportunity just from being here this week and playing in this game. So, that makes it all special for us. But there will be several of these guys that this will be their last football game and I’m glad I could be a part of it.”

The opportunity to play one last time in their respected high school helmets, is both an honor and a privileged for these players, as they look to the future.

“Hopefully I am hoping to catch some attention from some bigger schools," said Fitzgerald Defensive End Nate Henderson. "But I mean, you never know when is the last time you’re going to put on the pads. So, might as well go all out and have one last good run and go out on a good note.”

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