Dougherty Co. School System has big plans for 2019

DCSS Goals for 2019

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty County School System is excited for 2019.

Superintendent Kenneth Dyer said that getting the wrap around support system up and running for the students is something he looks forward to completing so students in need can get help.

DCSS sets goals for 2019
DCSS sets goals for 2019

“We have already hit the ground running, we started with professional development for our teachers last week when they came back and we are going to continue our focus on our wrap around services support center which will be opening up in the early part of this year,” explained Dyer.

The wrap around support system will be free medical resources for students.

Dyer said he also wants to encourage his seniors to finish strong and graduate.

“Our teachers and counselors are going to make sure that no student falls through the cracks and that they have a plan for graduation and moving forward,” said Dyer.

Dyer said that he wants the community to know that they are still there for anyone who still needs their help with coping after Hurricane Michael.

“We do know that some people still are suffering from the effects of the Hurricane and being displaced still, so any student who is having an issue coping or dealing with some of those pressures, parents even, please reach out to our school counselors. Our school social work department we will be happy to assist,” explained Dyer.

Dyer also said the school system will re-launch its mobile app for 2019.

“We are going to re-launch our Dougherty County School System mobile app to stay up to date on the latest information and events happening in the school system. So, please download the app to stay informed about what we are doing," said Dyer.

DCSS expanding helping hands program

The School System is also excited to announce that it will be extending its Helping Hands program to eight other schools.

The Helping Hands program helps Dougherty County Students who may not have enough to eat at home.

They are sent home meals for the weekends.

Dyer said it is important to expand this resource to students in the community.

“We expanded to four schools toward the end of 2018 and we are looking at eight more schools starting now and March, getting started with that. That is going to be a great help to our students," said Dyer.

Dyer said the school system will not stop until kids are not going home hungry.

Dyer said they are also currently in the process of training teachers on a new testing system that will replace Georgia Milestone for the 2019- 2020 school year.

Dougherty County School Testing Program

It’s called NAVVY.

This new testing system will allow teachers to know exactly where a student is struggling in academics and will allow teachers to get students' scores back in a timely manner.

Dyer said he’s excited for the testing program and how it will help students.

“It is valid and reliable in determining content messaging for our students and our teachers are having training on that," explained Dyer.

Dyer said that getting these results back so quickly allows teachers to focus individually on each student’s academic needs.

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