Thomasville caregiver facing felony charges after exploiting patient

Thomasville Caregiver Charges

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A caregiver is facing felony charges and is accused of using her patient’s debit card without his permission, according to the Thomasville Police Department.

Police said Shameka Jones used her patient’s debit card for her own use, but since he constantly monitors his bank statements, his quick thinking led to her arrest.

A $400 transaction was made that the patient did not authorize. After the 80-year-old man confirmed the withdrawals were not for his benefit, he called the police.

Thomasville Police Capt. Maurice Holmes said preventative measures should always be taken before hiring a caregiver.

“It’s imperative that you do a background check on these individuals or you hire them from a reputable agency that can recommend them for employment," Holmes said.

Jones is being held at the Thomas County Jail, facing felony charges like fraud.

Holmes said you should also have someone you trust monitor your personal information, so your aren’t as vulnerable to these types of crimes.

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