Grady Co. commissioners talk trash issues

Grady Co. Trash Issues

GRADY CO., GA (WALB) - Many people in Grady County are concerned by their garbage.

A number of garbage collection sites in the county are overflowing after Cairo’s landfill closed.

The 35 collection sites in Grady County will soon be cut to just seven, however, commissioners said each site will be larger and monitored to ensure it stays clean.

“We’re trying to correct this thing," said Ray Prince, Grady County commissioner.

Prince said after the city’s landfill closed, the garbage trucks either travel to landfills in Thomas or Decatur County.

This is very time consuming, Prince pointed out, and limits the amount of sites they can collect trash from each cycle.

“We had everything that could go wrong, did," said Prince.

Several collection sites have closed, meaning more trash is going to a limited number of sites, Prince said.

“Some of the sites, and the shape that they were in, the land owners just wanted the site gone," he added.

With recent heavy rain and 300 miles of dirt roads in Grady County, Prince said it’s become increasingly difficult for the trucks to make it to each site.

But, commissioners believe they’ve found a solution to the problem.

“We’re going to go to five manned sites right now, and possibly two more in the future," Prince said.

He said this will be more beneficial for residents, because each site will be larger and someone will always be there to make sure it stays in good shape.

“We’ll have a place for metal, we’ll have a place for wood, and old furniture, and stuff like that," Prince added.

He said commissioners are going to start working on these sites immediately.

Prince told WALB he hopes the community understands the commission’s solution and can stay patient through the transition to the new format.

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