Ryan Duke’s lawyers want bond in Grinstead case

Ryan Duke Defense requests reasonable Bond

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - Attorneys for one of the men charged in the Tara Grinstead murder case, Ryan Duke, said they’re filing a motion asking the court to set a “reasonable” bond for him.

The Irwin County Superior Court clerk’s office said it has not officially received this document, so it hasn’t been officially filed yet.

But Duke’s defense attorneys said they sent this out on Friday.

Currently, Duke is being held in the Irwin County Jail without bond.


In this motion, Duke’s defense team, Ashleigh and John Merchant, said they believe Duke doesn’t pose a risk of fleeing or failing to appear in court.

They also argue Duke doesn’t pose a threat or danger to anyone or a threat of committing a felony before the trial. Their last point is that they believe he doesn’t pose a risk of intimidating witnesses or obstructing justice.

Duke’s defense team also argues in this motion, that he never requested bond because he was scared his co-defendant Bo Dukes, who is now incarcerated, would hurt him.

The motion states Duke made statements to law enforcement that implicated himself in the Grinstead case, out of fear for himself and his family.

It also states because Bo Dukes faced imminent arrest and incarceration without bond, Duke is now requesting this “reasonable bond.”

The motion asks for $10,000 bond, because it says Duke doesn’t have financial means to make a significant bond.

It also mentions Duke wants to be released so he can earn money to afford to pay for the costs necessary to insure he gets a fair trial.

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