College football playoffs bringing money into the local economy

College football playoffs bringing money into the local economy

SOUTH GEORGIA (WALB) - The College Football National Championship is getting ready to take place in California.

Alabama and Clemson will square off for the third time in the national championship.

Many locally based businesses are getting ready for the big game as it’s expected to bring in a lot of customers and revenue.

These games bring in a lot of foot traffic for local based restaurants, much like Locos here in Albany.

The national championship should bring a lot of customers considering it’s two border states squaring off against each other.

Games like these allow patrons the opportunity to support their favorite teams while also supporting their community.

Although Locos owner Shawn Walters believes it will be a great showing, it may not be as big as it was last year when Georgia took on Alabama in the national championship.

“These games bring a lot of people, no matter who’s playing," said Walters. "But, I think it would be better, in my opinion, if two teams that had not won the championship in the last several years would be playing. Then again, I think we will have a great showing.”

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