Bo Dukes’ family responds after his capture

Bo Dukes’ family responds after his capture

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - Just days after police captured Bo Dukes, who was wanted for rape, aggravated sodomy, and other offenses, Dukes' uncle spoke exclusively with WALB on the turmoil brought to his family yet again.

Randy Hudson said Bo Dukes is his nephew, but said that doesn’t mean his family supports his alleged actions or try to make his offense any less than what it was.

Over a stretch of four days, a manhunt for one of the suspects in the alarming 2005 Tara Grinstead case, law enforcement rummaged through three counties to track down Bo Dukes, who was wanted for rape and other offenses out of Warner Robins.

Randy Hudson. (Source: WALB)
Randy Hudson. (Source: WALB)

“We’re here again. It was like opening an old wound. Not being able to get past the hurt and it all happens again,”said Hudson.

Hudson said that first wound being from his involvement in the case of the missing Irwin County teacher and beauty queen.

“These young beautiful girls, whose lives where affected, and in Tara’s case, diminished,” he explained.

Law enforcement captured him at a home under surveillance in Ocilla.

Hudson said he hasn't seen Dukes since his arraignment in the Grinstead case.

He said to hear police said they believe Dukes physically threatened two women with a firearm in his home, sets them back once again.

“When it seems to die down it suddenly rises again. Tara and these girls, can and should and will get justice. And you can bet that our family will be standing there, pulling for the victims like everyone else would be as well," said Hudson.

He told WALB repeatedly that he wants the focus to be on the victims of this case, and not on Dukes.

“We just can’t get by this. It’s just like the Grinstead family, until this is resolved, until it goes to court, and until there is true judgment then we just can’t get by this,” he said.

Though he said he can’t take back his nephews' actions, he is searching for peace.

“Our hopes are that there will be a trial soon and that judgment will be passed and that our family, and this community can move on and get this all behind us.”

Dukes was supposed to appear in court on January 3 for his involvement in the Grinstead case.

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