Warm weather brings snake concerns for debris piles

Warm weather brings snake concerns for debris piles

SOUTH GA (WALB) - With the mild temperatures we’ve had this week, you may be continuing to clear leftover debris from recent storms.

Experts said you should take extra precaution for any animals that may have made those piles their home. That includes snakes.

On cooler days, they’ll take refuge in places like those debris piles. But in warmer weather, the reptiles are more likely to move out of those debris piles and make their way around.

Chris Adams with Chehaw said if you leave a snake alone, it will leave you alone.

“Well, people are going to be clearing debris so obviously they are going to need to be vigilant around those debris piles," said Adams. "With warmer weather, snakes tend to move, such as copperheads and your rat snakes. It’s easy to distinguish the two, but you have to be very vigilant when it comes to finding these animals around these debris piles.”

If you do see a snake in your debris piles, you can call a local pest control agency.

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