Valdosta police arrest man on 8 counts of burglary

Valdosta police arrest man on 8 counts of burglary

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A man is now behind bars, facing eight different counts of felony theft for breaking into multiple cars.

Valdosta police arrested Jeremy Rhodes, 32, after a resident noticed what appeared to be a car burglary taking a place.

A different resident also reported a suspicious man walking in the area.

The Valdosta Police Department said it is grateful to the residents for their service that led to this arrest.

“It’s proven, time and again, no matter how many advanced tools law enforcement gets, as far as technology, cameras, this, that and the other, which are all very helpful, your individual citizen being out and about, really caring about his community and just seeing stuff and reporting it, being that source of information is invaluable. You cannot replace it," said Adam Bembry, the Valdosta Police Department spokesperson.

VPD said it found numerous pieces of stolen property on the subject.

Investigators said that more charges are possibly pending as they continue to investigate similar cases in the area.

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