TW3 Scholarship: A way to always remember the life of Terry Wills III

TW3 Scholarships

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - After the passing of their son Terry Wills III this past year, the Wills family wanted a way for their son to be remembered as the kind soul he was.

Alicia Wills and her family looked over some of the images captured throughout the years of their son, Terry, on Friday. He passed away less than a year ago.

Terry was known for having a kind heart and impacting everyone he met, and after his passing, his parents wanted to make sure that his memory would last forever, and that’s why they created the TW3 Scholarship.

“We wanted to keep his memory alive," said father Terry Wills. "Where his memory didn’t die, and this is a way of us giving back. Just like he’d want us to do.”

With this scholarship, one high school senior at Lee County will have the opportunity to receive a senior package, who otherwise couldn’t afford it on their own, which allows their son’s memory to carry on for years to come.

“My good friend Alicia, who is the spokesperson, who is Wills Terry’s mom, and I’m being her spokesperson," said family friend Jennifer King. "She told me for the first time that her heart feels full for the first time in months.”

Inside every senior package will be a ring and a Bible with the writing TW3, because a year ago today, Terry devoted his life to Christ.

“When his teacher was cleaning out his desk, the day after he drowned and asked if we wanted the stuff out of his desk, and we did. She brought this Bible, and in the back of the Bible is the date of 1/04/2018 that he accepted Christ and he signed it,” said Terry Wills.

The family hopes this will be a way to remember their son and make sure his memory will never die.

To find out more information, or how you can help or apply for the TW3 Scholarship, you can contact Alicia Wills at (229) 886-6424 or by email at

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