Heavy rain, warm weather bring mosquitoes to Southwest GA

Mosquito Concerns after rain

SOUTH GEORGIA, GA (WALB) - Though the rain has wrapped up, the showers and warmer temperatures this week have brought mosquitoes out in South Georgia.

Warm and muggy weather is the perfect breading weather for mosquitoes.

With the amount of rain that we have received this past week, the stagnant water presents a problem.

“There’s gonna be plenty of standing water around with all the rain we’ve been getting lately," said Chehaw employee Chris Adams. "So, first things first, you need to empty every bin you see with water you see around your house. Especially, trim your yards. If your yards are longer blades of grass, you keep your yards short and mosquitoes won’t tend to congregate as much.”

Until we get another cold snap in South Georgia, you may need to keep to the bug spray handy when you go outside, whether you’re doing yard work or cleaning up leftover debris laying around.

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