Monroe High School classmates remember shooting victim

Homicide Victim Classmate talk about crime

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For everyone that went to high school with Ashanti Major, it was her smile that was most memorable, a classmate said.

Major, 20, died from her injuries Saturday in a domestic dispute turned shooting.

“She was always smiling and excited,” Alondria Randall, a classmate, said of Major. “I never really saw her upset or anything. She always had a smile on her face.”

Alondria Daniel (Source: WALB)
Alondria Daniel (Source: WALB)

But the minute she heard Major died from the incident, Randall said, she could picture her face.

“I can just visualize her face,” Randall said. “I was like Ashanti Major... that name sounds so familiar.”

Major’s name was familiar to Randall because her brother and sister were very close friends with Major.

“They’re not themselves right now,” Randall said of her siblings. “When you hear that type of news, it’s shocking. You’re just like ‘wow, this really happened.’”

King Randall, a 19-year-old community activist and Alondria’s husband, said this incident along with all the homicides in 2018, struck a personal cord and should put fire under the community’s feet.

“If it happen regardless if it’s in my immediate family, that’s a problem for me,” King said. “So nobody ever looks at it like that. If it didn’t happen in my house, I want to talk about it and pray about it, but I’m not going to do anything about it.”

King Randall (Source: WALB)
King Randall (Source: WALB)

For King and Alondria Randall, they said they feel for the family, but to see less lives cut short so close to 2019, it’s going to take a village to bring change and end violence.

“We have a community, but we don’t have any unity so this is just a town. It’s not a community,” King said. “We have to come together.”

Officials said Major was active in the military.

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