Historic Lowndes Co. monument riddled with bullet holes

Historic Marker Vandalized

HAHIRA, GA (WALB) - A historical site in Lowndes County is continuously being vandalized.

After a historic marker has suffered nearly 20 bullet holes, the founders said they’ve decided not to replace it. And unfortunately, they said they aren’t too surprised that this has happened.

Mark George, the coordinator and founder of the Mary Turner Project, said he and other board members have decided that leaving the marker as is, is the most reasonable solution at this time.

Historic Marker off highway 122 in Hahira has suffered nearly 20 bullet holes (Source: WALB)
Historic Marker off highway 122 in Hahira has suffered nearly 20 bullet holes (Source: WALB)

“If we replace it, it’s just going to happen again," said George.

Since erected in 2010, it’s been shot at least 18 times.

George said he doesn’t understand why people are choosing to destroy the historic marker.

“It’s interesting, of all the things people could use to damage, they’re using this to do it," explained George.

Mary Turner was lynched in 1918 after publicly denouncing her African-American husband’s lynching just days prior.

“When she was lynched, she was riddled with bullets. So, the fact that people feel the need and the right to come riddle a monument in her honor, is pretty telling," said George.

George said it’s important we don’t forget that this happened. So, he and a few others planted the marker off Highway 122 in Hahira, near the site where 13 African-Americans were lynched 100 years ago.

“We wanted the people that were basically erased from history to be remembered," explained George.

Even though they’ve decided to not replace this monument, they’re still looking to the community to keep an eye on this area and report suspicious behavior.

“Conscience members of the community, or law enforcement or whatever else will help us find out why this is happening and who’s responsible," said George.

George hopes as more people become aware of these crimes, the less it will happen.

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