Volunteers work to repair hundreds of roofs after Hurricane Michael

World Vision repairs roofs after hurricane

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A group of volunteers are working to fix the roofs of homes across Dougherty County.

World Vision crews have received enough donations of shingles to help hundreds of families.

The organization normally helps children with special needs.

But after the storm, Executive Director Juanita Nixon has made it her mission to help those in need.

Her main priority now is fixing roofs so families can get back inside of their homes for Christmas.

“Each week we basically service anywhere from 200 to 300 to 400 families that can be able to help them to get themselves back into everyday lifestyle of what they’re accustomed to before the storm,” said Nixon.

The group is focused right now on repairing the roofs for lower income families.

Hurricane Michael recovery efforts continue in Dougherty County

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is also continuing their storm recovery efforts in the county.

The second phase of debris pick up in Dougherty County has begun, and it may be the last.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has collected more than 9,000 yards of debris picked up since Sunday morning.

The Corps originally planned to do the debris pick up in three phases.

But they underestimated the amount of debris needing to be collected, so are hoping to make their sweep in two passes now.

Crews said your debris will still be collected.

“They’re going to get as much debris, they’re not just going to stop in the middle of it. There will be subsequent debris passes if need be, but they’re trying to go ahead and get these people knowledgeable about when they’re going to start and when they’re going to stop. They can’t make it a nine month process,” said Dougherty County Public Works Engineering Manager Jeremy Brown.

The Corps is hoping to be finished with the pick up in two to three weeks.

They will continue their cleaning efforts as long as need be.

The Corps is also picking up root balls this pass, as long as they are not attached to the ground.

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