Thomasville police officers file lawsuit against the city

Thomasville police officers file lawsuit against the city

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Several Thomasville police officers, including the chief, have filed a lawsuit against the city.

This comes after an 11-page letter circulated among city employees that attorneys said defamed law enforcement.

According to the lawsuit, the city police department is demanding a jury trial and monetary and punitive damages.

The lawsuit filed in Thomas County Superior Court names Police Chief Troy Rich and several commanding officers as plaintiffs.

The defendants, which include Thomasville Mayor Greg Hobbs and council members David Hufstetler and Terry Scott, have 45 days to respond.

“I’m confident that the jury will come up with an amount that would be appropriate to not only compensate my clients, but to punish and deter these bad actors from engaging in this kind of behavior in the future,” said Attorney Attorney Robert Howell.

Howell, who represents the police department, said the lawsuit is in response to an 11-page letter written by former Thomasville Police Department Officer Waylon Parker about Chief Rich and his command staff.

“From my clients' perspective, this is incredibly serious,” said Howell.

Howell said the defendants offered the police chief position to a retired Thomas County deputy without having authority to do s and while Rich was still in the job.

“There clearly was a concerted, secretive effort among council members to try and get Chief Rich, and members of his senior command staff, fired from their jobs,” said Howell.

City Attorney Tim Sanders and Hobbs have yet to respond for a comment.

Scott declined to comment.

Hufstetler said there was no effort by the department to try and resolve this matter before obtaining legal counsel.

In the lawsuit, it states the plaintiffs notified interim city manager Kha McDonald about this in January. However, Hobbs denied knowing about this letter, hindering McDonald’s investigation, according to the documents.

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