APD investigating after 3 cars are broken into in one neighborhood

Albany entering auto victim speaks out

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany man is speaking out after police say thieves broke into his wife’s car. In fact, crooks broke into three cars on his street, just a few feet from one another.

Roy Brantley woke up Monday morning in frustration, when he found out someone broke into his wife’s car.

“They just went in and took what they wanted to take out and vandalized the inside of it,” he said.

According to the Albany Police Department, thieves stole his wife’s cash, drivers license, and social security card just an hour after two other vehicles were broken into across the street.

Roy Brantley. (Source: WALB)
Roy Brantley. (Source: WALB)

“They got whatever they could get out of it and left and went from neighborhood to neighborhood from house to house, going and entering cars and that’s wrong,” Brantley explained.

Police said these cases are more than likely connected, but they don’t have any suspects or witnesses at this time.

Brantley said he hopes the police can come up with something.

“The crimes out here there are certain things that the police overlook it. That’s the only problem that we have because they consider the east side a no side,” he said.

We reached out to the folks across the street from Brantley, but they didn’t want to comment on what happened.

Albany Police say about $1,600 worth of items was stolen out of one of the vehicles.

Brantley said he thinks people in his neighborhood are going to have to start looking out for each other more, to hopefully keep this from happening again.

“I’d just like to see it stop. Too many people are getting hurt about their belongings and when stuff gets taken from you. You have to go through everything to get it back right because you don’t know what they are doing with your personal ID’s and stuff so it’s a headache,” he said.

You may have heard about new technology that helps prevent home burglaries, but now, there also new devices that help keep thieves out of your car.

These alarms comes with sensors that are hooked up to the doors of your vehicle.

These alarms come with sensors that are hooked up to the doors of your vehicle. (Source: WALB)
These alarms come with sensors that are hooked up to the doors of your vehicle. (Source: WALB)

According to the owner of an Albany auto shop, it not only sounds when someone breaks your window or makes sudden impact, you also get a text alert or phone call letting you know what’s happening.

“Most of your vehicles these days don’t come with what they call a shock sensor, they come with a theft sensor. What this does is, it protects you as far as your content as far as anybody making any impact or breaking in your car and just protect you all the way around as far as the security of your vehicle,” said Brandon Snead, the owner of Hard Times Car Auto.

Device to help fight entering auto crimes

He said the installation of this product can accommodate any vehicle, and is a worth while investment.

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