Albany Police warns people of steady car break-ins

APD Influx in Car Breaking

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police officers said since October, they’ve had approximately 83 car break-ins in Albany and they want people to remember how important it is for you to be safe.

Police said just this past week alone, majority of the car break-ins happened because of drivers are not locking their doors.

Investigators with the property crimes unit say some are forced entry, but many are not.

APD said many folks are looking for items left in plain sight view inside cars, so it’s best to leave the bare minimum so you won’t be a target.

“Your valuable possessions, your laptops, your computers, your purse, your book bags, cash money. Anything your checkbook. Those things you want to make sure you secure them inside the house when you leave out. Rather a car is locked or unlocked, they’re still able to get inside,” said Derrick Williams, Investigator in APD’s Property Unit.

He said it’s not only important to keep these items out of your cars, but keep your doors locked at all times.

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