Rain and cold driving pests in home during holidays

Albany Christmas pests are coming home

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Because of the recent wet and cold weather in South Georgia, exterminators say insects and rodents are moving into people’s homes.

Arrow Exterminators said the Christmas holidays also invite pests into your home. Bringing in the tree and decorations out of your shed or attic can bring a number of bugs into your home... hiding inside.

Even your baking could bring an unpleasant surprise from your ingredients.

“Most the times, it’s store product pests. Because people are getting ready to look and they are finding things. Where they have had something in the pantry shelf for maybe too long,” said Ben Tallent, Arrow Exterminators Service Center Manager.

Arrow Exterminators said clean up spills while you are cleaning, and shake out your tree and decorations before bringing them inside. An exterminator can seal places in your home where pests can sneak in.

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