Clinch prevails in 1-A football championship

The Irwin Co. Indians fell just short

Clinch prevails in 1-A football championship

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Heartbreak hits Ocilla for the third time in four years, for Irwin County Indian football. And it’s the same story.

The Indians fell 27-20 to the Clinch County Panthers, after beating those same Panthers in the regular season.

Just like in 2015 at the Georgia Dome, and just like last year in Ocillla.

But there’s no reason for the Indians to hang their heads.

This senior class is still one of the most decorated winning 43 games in four years and three region championships.

“I’ll tell you what, talk about our seniors' career," said Irwin County football coach Buddy Nobles. "Today they played in their 55th game. A lot of kids can’t say that that’s a season and a half added to their careers. I’m very proud of our seniors, they had a great year. I just wish we could’ve finished it on top.”

“It was a crazy road, especially for me," said Davion Pollard, a senior playing with a torn ACL. "The team lost me in the summer I was just like dang, I’m just going to be riding and watching but I was able to come back. It’s been fun. Hate to see it end really.”

Irwin County’s trip from the Benz back to Ocilla will be a painful one, but the journey here was nothing short of awesome. They finish 13-1.

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