Haven Brady Jr. finishes 10th at national boxing tournament

Haven Brady Jr. finishes 10th at national boxing tournament
(Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Haven Brady Jr is a name that continues to circulate throughout the city of Albany.

His goal, to put the city he loves on the map for boxing.

Brady has taken on all challengers and his hard work, got him a spot at the national tournament.

Brady has been turning heads in the boxing community all year long.

Eventually it became clear that this kid had talent and a member of the USA travel team chose Brady to join their squad.

But now the time has come for Brady to prove himself on a larger scale, as he and his father traveled up to Salt Lake City this week, for the national tournament.

Although Brady fell this afternoon to the number 1 seed in the nation, Brady is just happy he got the opportunity to show the nation the talent he possesses and show them the talent that Albany has.

“For the city and myself, as for putting Albany," said Brady, "a small city, many people don’t know about it. Me getting an opportunity to fight the number 1 guy, and moving my rank up was a great opportunity.”

Brady moved up to the number 10 seed in the nation.

He will travel up to Canada with the USA travel team in February.

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