Flint Riverkeeper: Sewage spills can be very dangerous for people

Flint River Keeper on Sewer Spills

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The 1.2 million gallons of sewage that spilled into the Percosin Canal in Albany could be extremely dangerous for anyone who makes contact with it.

Flint Riverkeeper Gordon Rogers said the spill will eventually make it’s way into the Flint River.

Two spills happened over the weekend after all of the heavy rain.

Rogers said the spill will flow down stream and will eventually be treated by nature. He said nature takes its course and eventually treats the spill as it dilutes in the water and eventually degrades itself.

Rogers said it takes time and has costly environmental consequences and could make you very sick.

“In terms of you know, bodily contact with the stuff, it can make you sick, it can make you ill. And people use the canal, not like they use the river. They’re not typically swimming in it or paddling in it, but you know they’re fishing in it and people wade from time to time,” said Rogers.

Rogers said the spills are the result of a backlog of maintenance issues with the lift stations through Albany. He said the repairs and upgrades will take years and cost millions.

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