Albany police need your help to reduce gun violence

APD Gun Violence

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - “Put the guns down” is what the Albany Police Department is pleading for everyone to do.

Police said several times this week, gunmen shot randomly into apartments and buildings across the city.

APD’s Robbery and Homicide Unit Commander, Lieutenant Keithen Hall, believes it’s going to take a village to stop the shootings from occurring. He said now is the time for everyone to stop and think what could happen to you if you pull the trigger.

“I’m not comfortable to leave my home in the evenings after dark, and not alone anyway. I always want someone with me," said Alfreda Wilson, a resident.

Wilson has lived in Albany all her life, but now-a-days, she’s fearful because of all the gun violence.

“From one side of the city to the other side of the city, it’s all the same. It’s dangerous. Somebody is always getting robbed, somebody is always getting hurt,” said Wilson.

Within the last week, Albany police said several random shootings have been occurring at night. Gunmen aiming at apartments, houses and other buildings, just firing wildly.

“We had random shootings all over the city,” said Lieutenant Hall.

In 2017, there were 382 reports of aggravated assaults with guns. This year there’s been a 5.8 percent decrease with only 360 reported incidents.

Hall said they are now seeing an increase during the holidays.

“We do know this time of year, things do pick up. You have robberies and all that type of stuff,” said Hall.

Hall said they are putting out more patrols and watching every inch of the city constantly, but they need more churches, school leaders and parents to all step up.

“What we need to try to do in the community is try to push these individuals that you know, that possibly might be walking around carrying weapons or anything like that, to put the guns down,” said Hall.

Hall said everyone, especially kids, should know that one second of being angry with a gun in your hand could cause your life to go down the drain forever.

“The biggest thing that needs to be done is we need to come together as a community and begin to teach our children and not allow our children to get away with so much,” said Wilson.

Officials said they will continue to saturate the city with a heavy police presence and go out into the community to educate people about he dangers of guns.

However, they also believe parents and community leaders should also do the same.

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